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Dahlia Schultz

Digital Marketing | Data Analytics | Email Marketing 


Meet Dahlia 

As a results-driven marketing manager, I have a proven record of success in converting online leads to sales, building brand awareness, and increasing followers. I've also excelled in partnering with top influencers through cohesive digital strategies. With a keen understanding of social media analytics, market research, and audience identification, I am a self-starter who is eager to advance my expertise further. I look forward to leveraging my skills and experience to drive impactful outcomes for our social media initiatives.

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Maximize the potential of both new and existing digital channels through strategic coordination, fostering synergy between communities and platforms.



Their SEO strategy focuses on boosting online visibility, enhancing search engine rankings, and driving organic traffic to the website. Through thorough keyword research, on-page content optimization, and effective link building techniques, they aim to improve the website's performance in search results. 



Craft SEO-focused copy that addresses the concerns and interests of your community, compelling them to take action.



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Healing Hands Miami 

Embracing wellness Inspiring Joy.

  • Social media strategy

  • Copy writing.

  • Sales strategy

  • Video editing 

  • Email marketing

  • Blog writing

I was able to achieve a 40% increase in company revenue within seven months through effective influencer collaboration, digital marketing campaigns, and strategic partnerships with local businesses to enhance brand exposure. Additionally, I successfully grew our social media following by an average of 7%-9% month over month, resulting in a substantial addition of 6.7K total followers within the same seven-month period. My responsibilities also encompass creating and curating engaging content for multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, X, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Furthermore, I conducted in-depth keyword research to optimize the SEO performance of both our website and digital campaign content. Finally, I consistently track and analyze social media metrics to gauge the success of our campaigns, ensuring that data-driven decisions are made to further enhance our online presence and engagement.

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Site Impact 

Driving results, building trust worldwide.

  • Social media strategy

  • Content writing

  • Email marketing campaigns

  • Rebrand the company's culture 

During my role, I effectively promoted our organization's core values and highlighted employee achievements through engaging email campaigns and newsletters. Additionally, I curated and maintained our social media presence, tailoring content to current market trends and implementing SEO strategies for targeted audience reach. I also spearheaded various company events, including the Site Impact breakfast, Taco Tuesday Lunch, and Massage Day, enhancing employee engagement and contributing to a thriving company culture. Through these initiatives, I successfully bolstered office attendance by 30% and amplified the Site Impact employment rate by 23% through innovative online job postings, working alongside our hiring manager.

Miami Massage on the Go


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Dahlia's been exceptional at her job I love how professional and knowledgeable she is . She's helped market my business from promoting my company to creating a brand new logo !! She did a great job at representing my company the way I had envision it to be . I'm also super grateful shes tech savvy and has helped grow my business in that aspect . She's fantastic and has superseded my expectations. shes also amazing to work with, shes a breath of fresh air.

Clients At A Glance

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